When you are downloading the Hotforex MT4 Platform for the first time, you should see the list of servers available for you to connect to automatically. Choose the server you should connect to from this list. If you are required to enter the IP address manually the first time you log onto the platform, your settings should save automatically and load the next time you login. You should see the servers available by name in the drop down list. For example, 'HFMarketsSV-Demo Server', 'HFMarketsSV-Live Server' & 'HFMarketsSV-Live Server3'.

HFMarketsSV-Live Server

List of IP addresses that you may manually enter for the HFMarketsSV-Live Server:

  • amsterdam1.ls1dc.dcglobalfarm.com:443
  • amsterdam2.ls1dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1950
  • frankfurt.ls1dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1950
  • ireland.ls1dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1950
  • singapore.ls1dc.dcglobalfarm.com:2000
  • singapore2.ls1dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1950
  • hong-kong1.ls1dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1950
  • hong-kong2.ls1dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1960
  • usa-east.ls1dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1950
  • sao-paolo.ls1dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1950
  • tokyo.ls1dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1950

HFMarketsSV-Live Server 3

List of IP addresses that you may manually enter for the HFMarketsSV-Live Server3:

  • amsterdam1.ls3dc.dcglobalfarm.com:443
  • amsterdam2.ls3dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1970
  • frankfurt.ls3dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1970
  • ireland.ls3dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1970
  • belgium.ls3dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1970
  • singapore1.ls3dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1970
  • singapore2.ls3dc.dcglobalfarm.com:2002
  • hong-kong.ls3dc.dcglobalfarm.com
  • taiwan.ls3dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1970
  • usa-east.ls3dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1970
  • sao-paolo.ls3dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1970
  • tokyo.ls3dc.dcglobalfarm.com:1970

HFMarketsSV-Demo Server

Choose the HFMarketSV-Demo Server for:

  • Demo Accounts

List of IP addresses that you may manually enter for the HFMarketsSV-Demo Server:

  • amsterdam1.dmdc.dcglobalfarm.com:443
  • amsterdam2.dmdc.dcglobalfarm.com:1980
  • frankfurt.dmdc.dcglobalfarm.com:1980
  • ireland.dmdc.dcglobalfarm.com:1980
  • singapore.dmdc.dcglobalfarm.com:2003
  • hong-kong1.dmdc.dcglobalfarm.com:1980
  • hong-kong2.dmdc.dcglobalfarm.com:1980
  • usa-east.dmdc.dcglobalfarm.com:1980
  • sao-paolo.dmdc.dcglobalfarm.com:1980
  • tokyo.dmdc.dcglobalfarm.com:1980