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Each country releases economic information on their country’s ‘performance’ on a regular basis. It is these releases that help in ascertaining the economy’s strength and assist in formulating an idea or opinion on the prospects of a country and the impact on that country’s currency. With this in mind we list a number of each country’s key economic releases below with a brief description.


US Economic Releases

ADP Nonfarm Employment Change: Created in 2006, the ADP Nonfarm Employment Change is a measurement of the number of new jobs created in the previous month without farming. This report is sai... Read the Full Article 

UK Economic Releases

Average Earnings Index + Bonus q/y: AEI (Average Earnings Index) is a measurement of averages wages + bonuses paid to employees on a quarterly basis. The indicator... Read the Full Article 

Japanese Economic Releases

Bank of Japan Outlook Report: The BOJ (Bank of Japan) publishes a semi-annual report in April and October that outlines the Bank's stance and feelings on economic issues... Read the Full Article 

Euro Zone Economic Releases

French GDP: Gross Domestic Product is considered by most the broadest, most comprehensive barometer of a country's overall economic condition... Read the Full Article 

Swiss Economic Releases

Consumption Indicator: The consumption indicator is a measurement of the total consumer expenditure on goods and services for a given period of time. This indicator is... Read the Full Article 

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