A sit-down with Mr Rogojina


When and how did you first get involved with forex trading?

P. Rogojina: Two years ago, originally with another forex company.

Can you tell us a little bit about your professional background and your trading style?

P. Rogojina: I have an IT background and my trading styles vary from intraday to scalping and strategic.

How long do you think is necessary to trade on a demo account before trading with real money?

P. Rogojina: This cannot be limited to a time period, but rather to the results you have in your demo account.

What advice would you give to new traders?

P. Rogojina: I prefer not offering any advice, but receive some.


If you are willing to disclose, what is your preferred trading strategy?

P. Rogojina: Medium and long term strategy.

What do you believe are the most important qualities to become a successful trader?

P. Rogojina: Discipline and good emotional control.

What do you think was the key factor in your victory as our VIP Contest winner?

P. Rogojina: Good analysis of the market.

Does trading take up much of your time?

P. Rogojina: On average, it takes up around 2 hours per day.

In what market conditions do you usually trade?

P. Rogojina: I prefer when the market is not so volatile, but I do trade in any conditions.


Why did you choose HotForex as your broker?

P. Rogojina: Mainly because its systems are user-friendly and it offers a lot of deposit and withdrawal methods.

What has your trading experience been like with HotForex?

P. Rogojina: I have had a good trading experience with HotForex, without any issues.

What is your opinion of the HotForex staff?

P. Rogojina: I have a very good opinion. I am satisfied with the contacts I had, especially with my account manager, Robert, whom I had the chance to spend a lot of time with.

Would you recommend HotForex to others?

P. Rogojina: Surely I would.


How was your learning experience during the forex trading seminar at the HotForex office?

P. Rogojina: The meeting with Stuart was a nice, useful and interesting experience.


How did you like your stay at Golden Bay Hotel?

P. Rogojina: It was very good. If I was ever to return to Cyprus, that’s the hotel I would chose for my stay.

Overall, how would you describe your trip to Cyprus?

P. Rogojina: I liked everything about it, I enjoyed visiting the HotForex offices and personally meeting the management and staff members.